Wanda began practicing at Saskatoon Aikikai in 1993, a student of Don Ragush Sensei.  The late Yukio Kawahara Shihan administered all of Wanda’s kyu exams and awarded shodan to her in 2000.  In 2000 she moved to Edmonton and continued practice at the U of A Aikido Club.  In 2003, Wanda accompanied Kawahara Shihan on a tour of Japan, part of a 15 member group of his Canadian students, where she participated in a demonstration hosted by Osaka Aikikai and was fortunate to receive instruction from Doshu at Hombu.   Wanda enjoys attending seminars, and has had the privilege to attend classes by many talented and well-respected instructors.  Wanda is now a student of Tom Davidson Sensei and a member of the California Aikido Association. Cyndy Hayashi Shihan administered Wanda's Nidan & Sandan demonstrations and she was promoted by Frank Doran Shihan and Michael Friedl Shihan respectively.  

Davidson Sensei has been involved in martial Arts for over 30
years. He trained in competitive Judo for many years in both
Ontario and Alberta. It was while looking for a martial art that
he could train together with his son that he found Aikido. He
was drawn to its flowing but martially effective style.


Davidson Sensei began his Aikido training in the early 1990s in Edmonton, Alberta. He always says that he was fortunate to train with an exceptionally hard working group of students in his early days. This helped shape the foundation that would become his training style for years to come. During the next 10 years through travel for his work, he was able to train extensively at many dojo and was able to attend several seminars throughout North America. This led him to the California Aikido Association where he is currently a Yondan (4th Dan – Aikikai Foundation) under the direction of Michael Friedl Sensei. (Shihan – 7th Dan).


In 2003, Davidson Sensei founded Northern Alberta Aikikai as a non profit dojo dedicated to affordable quality Aikido training. As the dojo-cho and with the help of several quality instructors he ensures that all students train diligently in their efforts to learn effective Aikido but always with “A smile in your heart and a smile on your face”.

Wanda Goulden



Tom Davidson


Dojo-Cho and Chief Instructor